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  Icon_missing_medium spsilva118 2 Posts

At the present time we check all antennas and remove them if they are hand tight.  We have certain vehicles which we always take off the antennas because they are located on the bumper.  The problem is that some antennas will not come off and they break whenever we try to remove them.  What is the general policy on non-electric antennas?

  Icon_missing_medium JeffM 2 Posts

I will pay for antenna breakage if something goes wrong (ex. wrap rides up on the fender) which is extremely rare.  The only real issues with antennas I have are the roof mounted ones (VW, Mazda) which corrode after a few years.  As soon as I see corrosion I will not pay for replacement.

Taking antennas off can be risky as you have mentioned and is almost not worth the hastle.  If you have issues with your equipment damaging fender mounted masts, it might be an idea to try and adjust your equipment so that there is less pressure applied to the mast area.

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Forums » Carwash Connection » Antennas