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  Icon_missing_medium curtisr 3 Posts

Can anyone give a rousing endorsement of the water reclaim system. I have visited a half-dozen sites in Minnesota and Wisconsin and nobody seems to be too excited about their reclaim system. Have to touchless automatic Rykos that use a lot of water. Lots of claims of reducing water consumption/sewage 80% would like to talk to someone who is actually doing it in a northern climate.

  Icon_missing_medium carwashtech 1 Post


I'm a car wash technician for a major wash mfgr with over 8 years experience.  I have worked on many diferent reclaim systems over the years.  A couple of things you need to be aware of.  1.  Yes they will save a lot of water expecially on a touch free as I believe you have.  2.  What the sales men won't tell you is how much they cost to repair.  They can be costly to repair.  Some of the components and some what considered consumable and will need repair or replacement yearly.  If you can find a mfgr that will rebuild these components rather than replacing you can save money.  But most mfgrs found it to be more profitable to not offer this solution and instead will sell you a new component.  3.  Find a unit that self moniters for problems.  This is your best chance to save some money.  There are 3 major components to the most comon reclaim system.  one or more pumps, oxygen concentrator and a ozone generator. If there is a problem with either the oxygen concentrator or ozone generator.  If it goes on for any length of time one will make the other go bad.  These are the to most comon expensive parts that go bad.  So by having self monitoring it should shut it self down and at least minimize repair costs. There are two systems that do self monitering and shut down or automatically switch to fresh water (I recomend going for the automatic switch to fresh).  Since you have a Ryko I recomend you go with a Ryko EV Ultra clear.  Depending on what type of wash you have (ryko has multiple touch free) they may be able to directly interface the controls with your wash.  Also these components are more individually servicable then the next I'm going to recomend.  The next is a PUR Clean system.  This works very simular to the Ryko but is harder to service as there major components are more intergrated.  This system is prettier than the ryko but also costs more.  Some advice on maintenance.  If you use a company that offers a premium maintenance contract I recomend you take them up on it.  I know it may seem like a lot of money but the cost of keeping the system can cost upwards of 7000 to 8000 every year or two.  This should be covered under your contract. One last thing.  If you do not have your site already plumbed with storage tanks in ground this retro will be extremely expensive so weigh the cost benifit carefully.

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